Your Software Transformation Mysteries solved 🔍

From procurement to post implementation adoption and optimisation

Welcome Head of IT, Software Procurement Leads and budget holders to the home of People First Software Transformations

That will maximise your ROI by ensuring you implement solutions that work and move you closer to your strategic objectives.

Have you been tasked with procuring or implementing a new software solution for your company and want to ensure it lives up to expectations and budget?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task you've been asked to deliver, the myriad of options available, and an unwritten pressure to deliver the best solution for your organisation?

Has your organisation been burnt in the past, stuck with new software that your teams were frustrated by and generally didn't live up to the sales person's promises?

And/Or you had to keep forking out for amendments and upgrades to make it work for your organisation's needs?

The senior management team are understandably putting pressure on you to ensure that the next solution delivers on it's promises.

You know that the success of this project will be in direct relation to how well you manage each step of the procurement process from the beginning.

Yoy are conscious that for this project to be a success you need to engage your teams from the outset and do a thorough requirment gathering exercise.

And you have no idea where to start.

Do you relate?

Whether you are a CTO, Head of IT or just been asked to manage the implementation because your team will be affected or "it kind of falls into your remit doesn't it?" you have come to the right place

Introducing a sample of the interactive and deliverable focused workshops we can offer your organisation.

Workshop 1:

Requirement Detectives

Your teams will work together to create a strategy for a thorough requirments gathering exercise they can take away and action.

Covering all affected and potentially affected parties and your strategic objectives.

Workshop 2:

Question, Arrest or Release

Your teams will examine the evidence collected in their requirements gathering exercise.

Prioritising them against a set of parameters relating to your strategic objectives and desired outcomes for your software transformation.

Workshop 3:

CSI - Your experts on the ground

For your project champions/change agents to understand their critical role and responsibilities, how they will work with both the project team and the business to ensure the success of the project.

Workshop 4:

Law & Order -

Your business is represented by two separate yet equally important groups

If the project team are the "Detectives", then your other leaders in the business are the "prosecution"

For all the managers, leaders, senior management team who are part of the project team to understand their vital role in the success of the project and how they can be involved through out the process.

Workshop 5:

Beyond Paradise -

What happens next?

For your project team and project champions/change agents to create their post implementation adoption and optimisation plan.

Ensuring maximum roi on your investment and satisfaction rating from your teams and clients.

These workshop descriptions are shown as a guide and all will be tailored to your business and strategic objectives.

So why workshops?

The success of your software transformation will be heavily influenced by how well you engage your teams and manage their feedback.

Interactive workshops are the best way to connect with your wider teams and stakeholders ensuring engagement, buy in and ongoing feedback and support throughout your project.

What do you know about our industry / business / software options?

A question we are often asked, having over 20 years experience in software transformation, we have found the transformations with the highest ROI and the highest satisfaction ratings are those that engage with their teams, take on board feedback and implement solutions that work for all.

We will of course discuss your business and your unique set of circumstances with you prior to any workshop and tailor the outcomes to your business.

Our workshops are also designed to access the wealth of knowledge and ideas your teams already possess not railroad you into a solution because it's one we're familiar with.

What about online workshops?

If this sounds amazing but your teams are in multiple locations and you're wondering how on earth these workshops will work in an online format?

Rest assured we work with the best virtual producers to ensure that you get the same outcomes whether your workshops are online or in person.

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